Geofencing is a location-based technology that triggers an action when a device enters a specific location. With that, Geofencing technology allows businesses to target their core audience by simply providing virtual boundaries. As a part of your business’ marketing efforts, you should consider a geofencing marketing strategy now more than ever. 

How Exactly Does Geofencing Work?

Firstly the advertiser determines their particular locations of interest by setting the virtual perimeters around those. When target customers step into that boundary, ads or push notifications are triggered. Users that fit the campaign targeting criteria are spotted in real-time, and an ad is served on the users mobile phone. 

Mobile devices within the geofences are tracked via a GPS signal, which is usually activated on the user’s device. This can take place while the user is connected to either WiFi or have their cellular data on to receive alerts when being in proximity to the geofence. With smartphone location kept on, these alerts become functional in the device’s background. The key decisions to a successful geofencing campaign are: choosing strategic locations, establishing a precise perimeter with a substantial amount of geofences to reach as many desired users as possible, and create engaging content that will trigger your target audience interest. 

Why should marketers use Geofencing? 

There are a few main benefits for using geofencing that get marketers excited:

  1. Targeting – Geofencing allows marketers to reach their key audience at the right time in the right place with the desired mindset. Geofencing is used to pinpoint specific ads when the user is in proximity to the initial location.

  2. Personalized customer experience – Nowadays clients are impatient, always on the run, and are only interested in offers that match their current needs and demands. When you convey a message by sending tailored offers to your niche audience, at the right time; the odds of driving customers to your store and engaging with your brand exponentially increase. 

  3. Increase sales – Geofencing allows you to hit the jackpot when your brand becomes relevant. Thus, you increase sales by directly sharing promotions with real prospects.

Geofencing strategies polish your marketing campaign, becoming one of the most effective ways of Lead Generation. 

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