Out of Home Advertising

The combination of Outdoor advertising and Mobile, bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds and perfectly connects the benefits of both. Out of Home advertising (OOH) provides continuous and consistent appearance, and gives brands large public exposure. We could say that mobile devices function as a personal channel to the digital world. Advertising campaigns complement each other on a large scale sales funnel and – as studies have shown – are most effective when combined. Today advertisers can deliver their messaging based on the surrounding environment of their audiences, adapting every step of the way to real-life circumstances.

Digital OOH ecosystems are powered by state of the art technology. It includes targeting, tracking, and customization that can be implemented for dynamic messaging conveyed to the right audience at the right time. By combining OOH elements with Mobile campaigns to emphasize the message we want to deliver, a greater scope of the campaign is obtained with significantly higher resonance and remembrance among our target audience. 

OOH has taken advantage of the fact that we’re all carrying GPS devices in our pockets. Smartphones with advances in tracking technology have made geofencing possible and ready to work hard for advertisers. Making digital impressions work harder by aiming them to an audience who has seen the message in another channel is savvy marketing. Brands can capitalize on the proximity, relevancy, and recency of an OOH ad by then serving a mobile display ad to the same audience, reinforcing the campaign goals as a whole. 

Combining the capabilities of these two, OOH media offers massive reach within a market, and mobile billboards, specifically, drive relevant messages in contextual placements while also making a big impact visually for a brand. We hereby reinforce the OOH message as well as giving OOH viewers a way to further engage or convert, and most importantly having the brand at the users’ top of mind at all times. 

How do we make advertising more meaningful with OOH and Mobile campaigns? 

  1. By making a fusion between offline and online campaigns, brands connect with their core audience at the right time in the right place.

  2. Influencing through the strategic OOH locations, while amplifying your campaign with location targeting on mobile.

  3. Extend reach and deliver greater brand awareness through targeting mobile devices exposed to OOH advertising.

  4. OOH Advertising activates people to engage and interact with brands and take action in countless new ways. Mobile facilitates this further, and helps to link the physical and the digital world.

  5. Be more creative with the brand’s communication and make it more personal by linking OOH messages with mobile device advertising.

  6. Challenge the way brands measure the success of OOH, by leveraging mobile insights and campaign research solutions (using in-store attribution and brand studies).

  7. Build a partnership to connect OOH advertising with mobile devices by targeting consumers in real-time when they are in proximity to an OOH ad placement,           and retarget consumers in the optimal location, to maximize brand awareness, favourability, advertising recall, and engagement. 


Connecting OOH exposure and online advertising, using in-store attribution analysis to measure the effects of brands’ digital marketing on both in-store visits and sales, should become the main tool for OOH attribution. 

Today most platforms allow advertisers to buy both OOH and mobile ads at the same time, which means they can have an integrated approach for local marketing efforts. From geofencing to tracking and retargeting, digital OOH shows us a glimpse of what’s to come in the advertising world. 

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Posted by Stephanie Lublinski, Business Manager, Geofy.ai